Corporate Slavery

Corporations are dictatorships; they are full of power-hungry technocrats who will destroy anything for more profits, power, market-share.

Corporations have an explicitly fascistic agenda; they want to control global natural and ‘human’ resources. The corporate doctrine thrives on the destruction of social solidarity, on individualistic vanity and narcissism. Corporations are machines of mass destruction; they are blind monsters that search for profits through any means available to them.

Corporate Slavery: No more than a new method of slavery that is even more profitable for the ruling class. Corporations poison the minds of the populace with false televised dreams. Corporations use patriotism in their advertising campaigns to promote violent militaristic sentiments; yet they pay no taxes!

Corporate executives exercise complete control over political officials from every single level of governments. All corporations must be seized or they will always find a way to subvert the voice of the people, the will of the masses! Corporations must be seized by the workers or they will continue to terrorize the workers. Corporate executives use their financial influence to persuade government officials to shut down any anti-corporate policies.

60,000 people starved to death yesterday and the gap between the first world and third world continues to get wider. All corporations must be seized by a force of organized workers who are fed up with living the lives of sheepish wage-slaves.


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